Kenka Bancho Otome -Girl Beats Boys-

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  • Okay but that ending...
    No spoiler, but there's truly no resolution, and honestly it should be classified as a shounen not a shoujo. The vague romantic story lines implied at the start were quickly dropped. I'm disappointed overall.
    That said, it was fun, up until the last episode.
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    Grade: A plus! So cute!
    Kenka Bancho Otome was recommended to me by a friend and I'm glad I watched it. The episodes are short which really worked for me and the story still managed to move along without seeming rushed. The main character was less block-ish than most when it comes to otome based shows.
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  • A twist on the classic otome genre
    So this one is about a girl who covers for a boy, Hikaru, who looks just like her but is very weak and gets her, a fighting beast, to take his place at an all-boys school where everyone fights to be the one at the top, like a gang.
    The premise alone was enough to draw me in, but the delivery of the show fell just a little short, The episodes are already 12 mins, half the time the show usually ...
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