Komori-san Can't Decline!

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    Read the manga first.
    This anime is based on a 4-koma manga that is actually hilarious and enjoyable to read. As these episodes are only 2 minutes long, this is going to be hard to get most of the jokes. After watching this first episode I can see they are sticking well to the source, but it will do better as a 'along side' anime than a complete series by itself. Unless you wait until there is an hour of episodes to ...
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  • Avoid this - Read the Manga
    I can not give this series a good review because after reading some of the Manga I had given it some hope of being a decent series but instead they create a pointless and uninspiring 2 minute per episode car crash where you don't get to know the characters in any way and the gags just feel like you walk in on the end of the conversation and someone was mid way though the punchline.

    I really ...
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  • This was a decent short anime to watch this season.
    It was not an anime i expected, but it was certainly enjoyable. It had good humor, enjoyable characters and i think this is an anime that everyone can find enjoyable. I don't say that very often, anyway it was enjoyable kinda sad its finished. Its only downside is its 2 minute run-time which condenses the content a bit too much, so i give this 7/10. Above average and enjoyable.
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