Lance N' Masques

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  • Takes a while to get going
    I kind of expected to hate this and so was pleasantly surprised when I found the opening unremarkable. By the third episode I was actually smiling at times and by the end I actually cared about most of the characters.
    The story is generic and straight forward and the main character is about as bland as they come so if you are looking for something with a wow factor it isn't going to be found ...
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    Not for serious watching
    If your looking for something serious or with a deep storyline then you should probably look elsewhere.

    However, if your tired and looking for something you can simply relax and not concentrate on to understand then this might be a good series to watch.
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    Lance n' Masques. what a waste of time.
    This happens to be one of the worst anime s that I only watched two episodes of. If you have even the slightest feeling that you want to watch this show, I recommend that you throw that idea in the bin. which happens to be where this anime should be. If I could give it minus stars I would. having said that, if you are a lolicon, this is the anime for you!
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