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At the start of the series, Galatea (ガラテア, Garatea) is Claymore Number 3. She is one of the more kind-hearted Claymores. She is a master at sensing Yoki, being able to sense other Claymores from a long distance, read their emotions, and see their actions as if she were close by. She uses this to act as the organization's "eye". She can also control other people's actions by subtly manipulating their Yoki flows. Additionally, the strength bonus she gets from releasing her Yoki is the highest among all forty-seven warriors of her time. She also has a vain side - she claims that she dislikes having to release any of her energy because it goes against her philosophy towards beauty (she does not like the way she looks with golden eyes and bestial looks). It should also be noted that she protested when Clare just barely cut her bangs while the other Claymore was rescuing her

Galatea, as the organization's eye, is sent to spy on Miria's party during the male Awakened Being incident. When Clare goes missing after encountering Ophelia, Galatea is sent to search for her, and she finds Clare battling against Dauf. She fights alongside Clare and Jean against Dauf, and helps Clare control her Yoma power. Afterwards, she abandons her mission, returning to the organization without Clare. Galatea becomes more and more suspicious of the organization, and although the organization is aware of her growing disobedience, they keep her due to her usefulness. She finally goes renegade during the Northern Campaign's aftermath. Her #3 rank is taken by another Claymore, Audrey.

She is hunted by Miata and Clarice, who find her living in Rabona as a nun. She is immediately attacked by Miata which reveals Galatea is now blind, with a scar across her eyes. This, however, strengthens her ability to sense Yoma energy, allowing her to fight equally with Miata and Clarice in spite of her handicap.

Galatea while in Rabona detects the presence of the awakened being Agatha and uses herself as bait to get the Organization to send in members after her to help kill the awakened being. During her fight with Agatha, she was injured by Miata which includes a severed arm and stabs through her stomach. After the battle, she is able to regenerate her severed arm with some help from Cynthia's Yoki manipulation abilities. However, Cynthia states that Galatea's eyes are almost impossible to regenerate as it has been a few years since she has been blind and that regeneration is mainly based on one's memory.

She is currently staying in Rabona together with Clarice and Miata. The priests have allowed her to stay there even though she is a Claymore.

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