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Utawarerumono (うたわれるもの, Utawarerumono?) is the title of a series about a fictional world in the style of feudal Japan. The series first began as a Japanese adult AVG+SLG(S-RPG) by Leaf which was released on April 26, 2002. A manga version was created in 2005 and was first serialized in Dengeki G's Magazine. An anime adaptation started airing on April 3, 2006. The American rights to the Utawarerumono anime were initially held by ADV Films, who completed a full DVD release of entire series. In July 2008, Funimation announced that the license to Utawarerumono (and other titles formerly held by ADV) had transferred to them.

Source: Wikipedia
[Edit]Hakuoro wears an irremovable mask over the top part of his head extended down to just under the eyes. He is found badly injured by Erurū, Arurū and their grandmother in a nearby forest and they nurse him back to health. It is soon apparent that he has lost all of his memories, and he additionally finds that the state of the world varies significantly from his expectations (e.g. certain anatomical attributes are now considered normal, such as ears and tails). In place of his forgotten name, he is given the name Hakuoro (白皇, meaning "White Emperor" in Ainu, also the name of Erurū and Arurū's father). His main weapon of choice is a large metal fan that was given to him by Tusukuru. He quickly captivates and gains the trust of those around him, and soon finds himself in a growing position of leadership.

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