Phantom Miria
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Miria (ミリア, Miria) was Claymore #6. She can greatly, but briefly, increase her speed to the point where she leaves many afterimages of herself in battle, confusing the opponent, thus earning herself the nickname Phantom Miria (幻影のミリア, gen'ei no Miria). She is also very skilled at teamwork and tactics. Miria was secretly investigating the Organization after she swore revenge against it. These both stem from an Awakened Being hunt, when she discovered that the target was originally a close friend, Hilda, who had awakened. The shock of this led her to nearly awaken herself.

Miria was first introduced in Volume 5, Scene 25 as a team leader of an Awakened Being Hunting Squad where she had an uneasy encounter with Clare due to the latter's disobedience.

She was assigned again as leader of an Awakened Being hunting squad - formed of Clare, Helen, and Deneve. The squad was almost defeated but Clare and Miria eventually killed the male Awakened Being.

After realizing that they had had almost no chance of surviving the fight, Miria believed that her squad had been betrayed by the organization and sent on a suicide mission. Her theory was that her squad, composed of partially-Awakened Claymores, were considered troublemakers by the organization. After the battle, she told Clare, Helen, and Deneve that she'd found one of the organization's darkest secrets, but didn't reveal it out of fear for the others' safeties. She told them to keep a low profile and stamp out their trouble making images, and that she'd contact them when the time was right.

Miria was also the chief Claymore in the Northern campaign. She demonstrated her tactical skills by the way she organized the Claymores into small teams that would allow them to gain experience in fighting with Awakened Ones with minimal loss of life. In the first fight against three male Awakened Ones, her strategic capabilities were even recognized by one of the Awakened Ones. Miria directly led the following Claymores: Queenie (#20), Tabitha (#31) and Uma (#40). It was her planning that enabled some of the Claymores in the campaign to survive. In addition, her own team took only one fatality.

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