Nami Amou
Last Name: Amou
First Name: Nami
天羽 菜美
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Japan
Birthday: February 09
Blood Type: B
Type: Person
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Fans: 11
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Nami Amou

Nami Amou has an extensive love for photography, so it is not surprising that she is an active member of the press club. She is very overbearing and occasionally annoying to others in how she hounds the concours competitors for information and gossip. Her tactless manners often embarrass others and make them nervous around her.

Despite her explosive attitude, Nami can be encouraging and amiable. She cheers on her friends, classmate Kahoko Hino and underclassman Shoko Fuyumi, during their performances and helps them boost their confidence. She is shown to have a great sense of style too. Although offensive to some, those who have the patience to befriend her will find themselves someone they can always count on within her.
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