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Voiced by: Aya Hisakawa (Japanese), Brina Palencia (English)

Priscilla (プリシラ, Purishira) was promoted to Claymore #2 shortly after she joined the organization. She was so powerful that she could fight with her Yoma power almost entirely suppressed[citation needed], allowing her to conceal her presence from Yoma and fellow Claymores even in the heat of battle. According to Irene, this made her a perfect candidate for fighting Teresa, as Teresa's greatest strength was her ability to sense Yoma energy.

Priscilla became a Claymore after a Yoma posing as her father slaughtered the rest of her family right before her eyes. She chopped off its head while it was eating her sibling's innards. This incident left her mentally traumatized and extremely unstable.

Despite her sheer power and incredible potential as a warrior, Priscilla's youth meant she was still a child, and as such was extremely naive and immature compared to older, more experienced Claymores. She was polite towards her opponents, and felt that battles should always be one-on-one. Her view of the world was entirely black-and-white; a person was either absolutely right, or completely in the wrong, with no middle ground. This belief ultimately led to her mental breakdown when she was soundly defeated by the then-ranked #1, Teresa. That she, a righteous person, had lost to an enemy she considered 'evil', shook her faith and drove her to attack Teresa in a fit of blind rage and self-righteousness. Despite reaching and surpassing her limit, using over 80% of her Yoki, Priscilla was again defeated, even though Teresa had only released 10% of hers. Priscilla begged Teresa to kill her before she fully Awakened, causing Teresa to drop her guard. Priscilla then picked up her claymore and decapitated the unaware Teresa, though it remains unclear if this was part of a ruse from the start, or if she had genuinely lost control. Immediately following this, she Awoke completely, going on to severely wound Irene and kill Noel and Sophia in front of a horrified Clare before flying off.

As recounted by the Abyssal One Riful, Priscilla then flew North, slaughtering every man, woman, and boy in the town she passed through. Just as she had spared Clare's life, however, she never once harmed any young girls, as if they "didn't even get reflected in her eyes". Eventually, she came into conflict with Isley and Rigardo, but defeated them both. In her Awakened form, she destroyed roughly half of Isley's Awakened form during their battle. However, at this crucial junction, Priscilla's body returned to its human form. For unknown reasons, Isley also returned to his human form and swore allegiance to Priscilla. It is widely believed that Isley had defeated Priscilla and made her his lover, instead of the other way around.

Source: Wikipedia
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