Gin Gan no Shishiou - Silver-Eyed Lion King
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Voiced by: Hiro Yuuki

Rigardo (リガルド, Rigarudo) was the #2 Claymore of his generation before his Awakening, and is from the same generation of Claymores as Isley and Dauf. Rigardo comes across as calm and composed, but was the most bloodthirsty in Isley's army. Although he did not get along with Isley, he worked for him and Priscilla during the Northern campaign, having been defeated by both. While his nickname was "Silver-Eyed Lion King" (銀眼の獅子王, Gin gan no shishiou), he disliked it for unknown reasons. His Awakened form resembled a 3 meter tall, silver-eyed humanoid lion, During the Northern Campaign, he was dispatched to kill off the 24 Claymores sent against Isley's army. He deduced Miria's tactic of dividing the Claymores into teams, and began by eliminating the five team captains, who were also the strongest Claymores present. Of the five (Miria, Flora, Jean, Veronica, and Undine), Miria was the only captain to survive his assault. Jean was mortally wounded, while the other 3 were killed instantly. He intentionally ignored the weaker members in favour of focusing solely on the captains, which led to his downfall when Clare went berserk and killed him in her partially-Awakened form.

Being far smaller in stature than the average Awakened being, Rigardo relied more on his correspondingly superior speed and agility in battle. His speed easily matched that of Miria, one of the fastest Claymores of her generation, and his greater Yoki allowed him to maintain it without tiring. For long-range and surprise attacks, Rigardo could extend his claws at high speed, much the same way Yoma and other Awakened hyper-extended their fingers. His control over this skill was so great he could bend and change the trajectory of his elongated claws, allowing him to strike opponents above or behind him. In contrast to his offensive capability, Rigardo was lacking in regenerative powers, and could not regenerate lost limbs quickly.

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