Shoko Fuyuumi
Last Name: Fuyuumi
First Name: Shoko
Gender: Female
Country of Origin: Japan
Birthday: November 03
Blood Type: A
Type: Person
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Fans: 10
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Shoko Fuyuumi

The shy and easily intimated Shoko Fuyuumi, who is quite skilled in the clarinet, is a first year music student at Seiso Academy. Being so timid, she gets nervous when in the spotlight, especially while performing in front of an audience. She is extremely hesitant when outside of her comfort zone, but struggles to do her best anyway.

Shoko seems to come from an extraordinarily wealthy family, but this fact is little known due to her inability to talk openly to others. With her participation in the concours, she is able to slowly become friends with Kahoko Hino and Nami Amou because of their outgoing nature. With having to perform in the concours in front of an audience and her newfound comrades, Shoko’s inner voice may become strong enough for her to open up to more people and express herself.
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