Lord Marksman and Vanadis

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    Great Anime! Would be way better if it was longer.
    The show is great! Great cast of characters. The summary I read claimed it was set in a pseudo medieval Europe. Although the pseudo medieval is true, it is very much not Europe. If you enjoy the old fashioned sword and bow style of action with the nobility of knights and royalty, with a touch of magic of course, you should enjoy this Anime!

    One of the best parts is it does a map breakdown of ...
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  • 100% worth watching.
    i really enjoyed the show - nice fantasy anime that has a decent story and a good mix of action / humour / ecchi / drama. The Artwork is awesome and the only real downside of this - and many other animes i liked so far - is the fact that it is a little short... :3
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  • Great char and story for a Harem anime
    The art style of this anime is quite eye catching as the beautifully blended colours go well together. There was much detail where needed and it was softer where background was concerned. The portrayal of the army from a distant scenes gave a 3D effect, which worked well once I got accustomed to it, considering the detail to them was well done. From the clear distinction of every character's ...
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