Mr. Osomatsu

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    Best animated comedy 2016.
    I firmly believe that the anime Mr Osomatsu cannot be beaten by any other comedy coming out this year, it was just so impressive with its randomness and character traits.
    An anime this good deserves to be purchased on DVD, if it ever gets shipped west i will be picking it up for sure. This therefore gets 10/10 from me a score which only 3 other animes this season achieved.
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  • Ridiculous and fun watch
    It's definitely not the funniest anime I've watched but it is very good! Lots of random and off the charts weird things happening. It's an easy casual watch for some chuckles. Definitely suggest checking it out and knowing that the it may take a couple episodes to really get into it.
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    Osomatsu-san madness
    Right, where do I start with an anime as crazy as this one? I loved so many things about this anime from the way the brothers interacted with each other and the side characters. The skits were hilarious, most of the time, and I laughed every time I watched the scene. My favorite skit would have to be Choromatsu raising because it showed us what the characters were like and gave us so much to ...
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