Natsume Yujin-cho 4

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    Natsume Season 4: It Keeps Getting Better!
    Many people aren't aware that the Natsume series, as it is, consists of 4 seasons, Natsume Yujincho being the 4rth season.
    During the entire series as far, Natsume has progressively developed as a character- but indeed, in this forth season his true character shines! I really loved this season (possibly my favorite so far) and the fact that it's in 1080p is also a big added bonus!
    The ...
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    Keeps Getting Better
    I really love how this show has progressed over its four seasons. It sometimes feels like it isn't moving atall but when you go back, you realise just how far the characters have come and how they have naturally evolved throughout the course of the story. Despite its slow pace, the richness of the characters is completely engrossing and this is well worth watching and then rewatching.
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  • A truly excellent and heartwarming story
    Each series of this anime keeps on getting better and better! I enjoy how this show manages to balance humour and serious scenes while focusing on the relationships between characters. This series adds to the backstory of Natsume significantly which is very interesting!
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