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    Tuesday October 3, 2017
  • The Road Twice Traveled - A Look forward to Kino's Journey

    Ink and Natasha share their hopes for the new Kino's Journey

    A veteran of Kino's Journey and a new fan meet to discuss their hopes for the new series. Ink has watched the original Kino's Journey several times and written about the series while Natasha has held off on the last directorial work by the famed Ryutaro Nakamura. Unsure whether to check out Kino? Hit the jump to see two free perspectives on the series!

  • The Viewtiful World - How is Kino's Journey a 'Slice-of-Life' Anime?

    Ink talks the nature of slice of life and how it applies to Kino's Journey

    Kino's Journey presents a new look at the slice of life genre or perhaps presents an opportnity for a deeper examination of the world in between dramatic moments. 

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