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    Wednesday December 23, 2020
  • Character Songs for Restless Ruka and Sweet Sumi Previewed Ahead of Rent-a-Girlfriend JP BD Release

    The third Blu-ray volume for Rent-a-Girlfriend was released today in Japan

    Volume three of Rent-a-Girlfriend Blu-ray's released today in Japan and to celebrate, the official Twitter for the anime series released a preview of Ruka's character song, which was available with the third volume, as well as a preview of Sumi's character song, which will be released with the fourth volume of the series. Listen to the heavenly voices after the jump!

  • Saturday December 5, 2020
  • Chizuru Turns Heads in This Traditional Chinese Dress Rent-a-Girlfriend Figure

    She better charge a premium to be rented in this!

    Rent-a-Girlfriend's Chizuru is already one of the top-performing rental girlfriends at her agency and it's no wonder when you get a look at her in this brand new figure of her dressed to the nines in a traditional Chinese outfit, also known as a cheongsam. Check out the lustrous figure after the jump!

  • Saturday November 21, 2020
  • New Rent-a-Girlfriend Pop-up Store Visual Will Have You Bouncing With Joy

    Or go hopping mad, depending on your favorite girl!

    The famous Gamers store in Akihabara is going to go bunny crazy this Christmas ... wait shouldn't that be Easter? The company Medicos announced yesterday that Gamers will be holding a bunny-themed pop-up store for the Rent-a-Girlfriend TV anime, with a new visual released showing all four girls in some very ... interesting outfits. Hope past the jump to check it out!

  • Wednesday November 11, 2020
  • 'Mami Rap' is Previewed Before the Upcoming Rent-a-Girlfriend TV Anime Japanese Blu-Ray Release

    Volume 3 cover art featuring Ruka is also revealed

    The duo of Mami and Ruka from Rent-a-Girlfriend are center stage in the previews for the upcoming Blu-ray versions of the hit TV anime series. "Mami Rap" was shown off and will be released with the second Japanese Blu-ray volume, as well as the cover of the third volume of the first season, which features Ruka. Go past the jump to listen to the heavenly voice of Aoi Yuki!