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    Monday June 1, 2020
  • Controversial Manga Author George Akiyama Passes Away at 77

    Best known for breaking boundaries in manga series Asura, Haguregumo, Kokuhaku

    Leading manga creator George Akiyama (whose real name is Yuji Akiyama), known for controversial works such as Asura, Haguregumo, and Kokuhaku, passed away on May 12 at the age of 77, it was announced today. Learn more about Akiyama after the jump. 

  • Monday September 17, 2012
  • "Asura" Theme Song Singer to Perform at Buddhist Temple in Tokyo

    The anime film will be released in Japan on September 29

    In commemoration of the release of Asura, the anime adaptation film of George Akiyama's controversial manga in 1970s and its theme song "Trash," the theme song singer Yasuha Kominami will perform live at Tsukiji Hongan-ji, a Buddhist temple in Tokyo on September 25. Hit the jump for more details.

  • Tuesday August 14, 2012
  • VIDEO: Anime Film "Asura" Theme Song "Kibou" PV Posted

    1970s hit song for the anime adaptation of 1970s manga

    Japanese female singer Yasuha Kominami has posted a short version promotional video for her newest single "Kibou" (Hope) on YouTube. The song and the coupling track "Trash" are used as theme songs for the up-coming anime film "Asura" directed by Keiichi Sato (Tiger & Bunny). Check the PV also directed by Sato after the jump.

  • Tuesday July 3, 2012
  • VIDEO: Toei's Historical Anime Film "Asura" Full Trailer Posted

    Newest film by Keiichi Satou (Tiger & Bunny)

    Following the two video clips including interviews with the theme song singer and the voice actress of the title character, the official website for Toei's feature anime film Asura posted a 1 minute 32 seconds official trailer of the film today. Check the anime adaptation of George Akiyama's dark manga world after the jump.

  • Sunday June 24, 2012
  • VIDEO: You Don't Need To Be Local To Appreciate the Awesomeness of NY Asian Film Festival Trailer

    "They have an army... we got Donnie!"

    Whether it's anime, martial arts, comedy, something new or something uniqe, the 2012 New York Asian Film Festival looks like it'll offer the thrills and marvels that have come to be expected from the top notch event. This year, they'll be screening dead fish horror anime Gyo, Keiichi Satou's (Tiger & Bunny) adaptation of cannibalism manga Asura and Takashi Miike's Ace Attorney. See the butt-kicking trailer after the the jump.

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