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    Sunday May 21, 2017
  • Häagen-Dazs Japan Introduces A New Banana and Chocolate Ice Cream Flavor

    This ice cream flavor sounds too refreshing!

    Häagen-Dazs is always up to something delicious, especially Häagen-Dazs Japan. This time the company has come up with a tasty new flavor that brings us the best of two delicious worlds: banana and chocolate. Hit the jump for more!

  • Saturday May 13, 2017
  • These "Hi-Chew" Ice Cream Treats Look Delicious and Refreshing

    If you like Hi-Chew candies, you'll want to try this creamy treat with a grape shell!

    If you like biting into a juicy Hi-Chew fruit candy, you'll love the summertime version of the treat just as much. Morinaga will be selling grape-flavored Hi-Chew ice cream bars starting Monday, May 29. Hit the jump for more!

  • Saturday March 25, 2017
  • Easter Fairs at Alice's Fantasy Restaurants in Japan Are Too Cute For Words

    Celebrate Easter with these delicious dishes!

    It's time to welcome Spring with open arms, and several locations of Japan's "Alice's Fantasy Restaraunt" are going to do just that. Get a preview of some of the delicious foods available with the Easter-themed restaurant switchover after the jump!

  • Celebrate Spring With This Cherry Blossom Beret

    We think we loooooove this hat.

    She wore a sakura mochi beret, the kind you find in a Tokyo store. This adorable cherry blossom-inspired hat from hatmaker Kabugaisha is in full bloom in the city now. Check out the hat after the jump!

  • Saturday March 18, 2017
  • Durian-flavored Kit Kats Could Be A Thing In Thailand

    But would anyone actually want to eat one of these things?

    Have you ever been around, smelled, or even worse, eaten a durian fruit? They smell a lot like sweaty feet, but for some reason Thailand has suggested to Kit Kat that perhaps durian Kit Kat flavors might be something audiences want to try. Hit the jump to have a peek!

  • Monday March 13, 2017
  • This New Burger At McDonald's Japan Has An Unappetizing Name

    It's probably still delicious, but that name's a little off-putting.

    Would you eat a burger from McDonald’s Japan if it had a “yucky” nickname? Check out McDonald’s Japan’s new burger, the “Yakkii” burger. Hit the jump to give it a look!

  • Sunday March 12, 2017
  • These New "Rilakkuma" Bakery Menu Items Look Absolutely Decadent

    Look at all the sweet treats based on Rilakkuma and friends!

    Rilakkuma may very well be one of the cutest Sanrio characters of all time, and it looks like he’s going to get his own special Rilakkuma Bakery in Japan beginning on March 13. Hit the jump and get ready for your mouth to water.

  • Sunday February 26, 2017
  • This Delicious Sliced Chocolate Is Returning To Japanese Grocery Stores

    Enjoy these chocolate slices on bread or your favorite treats.

    Japanese company Bourbon previously rolled out sliced chocolate, a handy confection that you could wrap around your favorite foods, eat on a sandwich, or utilize in methods much like regular cheese. It was ingenious, of course, and now there’s a new flavor: white chocolate. Hit the jump to take a look!

  • This Matchmaking Service Will Vet Otaku Applicants From Non-Otaku

    Find a match who loves anime just as much as you do.

    The Tora no Ana chain of stores in Japan is known throughout the country as one of the best places in the area to get doujinshi, but starting this month the company will also be helping its patrons find love in a very unconventional way. Hit the jump to find more!

  • Sunday February 12, 2017
  • Pikotaro Heading To The 59th Annual Grammy Awards

    Pen pineapple Pikotaro is going to LA!

  • Saturday November 12, 2016
  • This "Card Captor Sakura" Christmas Cafe Is Perfect For The Holiday Season

    Celebrate the season with Sakura!

    Special themed cafes pop up all the time centered around anime series, but the latest to be announced is one based on Card Captor Sakura, just in time for Christmas! Hit the jump to take a peek!

  • Saturday July 9, 2016
  • There's a "Kirby"-themed Cafe Coming, And It's Going To Be Adorable

    Everyone's favorite ball of pink fluff is getting a special cafe!

    There are so many special cafes and themed restaurants in Japan it can seem a little dizzying. They're all so cute, too. That's why this announcement is all the sweeter. There's a Kirby cafe planned for the future! Hit the jump for more!

  • Saturday July 2, 2016
  • These Japanese "Ghostbusters" Treats Look So Delicious It's Spooky

    Would you want to eat a "Ghostbusters"-inspired burger?

    If you need some grub in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? J.S. Burgers Cafe in Tokyo, for a set of some decadent-looking burgers based on the Ghostbusters film franchise. Bustin' probably tastes good!