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    Sunday August 18, 2019
  • Voice Actors Hit the Silver Screen in "Seiyuu Danshi Desu ga...?" Movie

    Variety program featuring male voice actors celebrates its 5th anniversary with upcoming theatrical film

    Seiyuu Danshi Desu ga...? ("Even Though I'm a Male Voice Actor...?"), a variety TV program that features male voice actors training, working, and undertaking various physical challenges, is celebrating its 5th anniversary with the announcement of an upcoming theatrical film that will hit Japanese cinemas in 2020. Hit the jump to learn more. 

  • Wednesday April 26, 2017
  • Sumire Uesaka and Kenji Ohtsuki Guest Host "Kinkyuu Kenshou!" Occult Variety Program

    "Kinkyuu Perestroika! Ohken & Sumipe Together! 4th Red and White Occult Battle" airs on May 5th on Family Gekijo

    Musician / writer Kenji Ohtsuki and voice actress Sumire Uesaka are gearing up for some encounters of the spooky kind as they prepare to provide guest commentary on an upcoming episode of Kinkyuu Kenshou!, a talk variety TV program that focuses on occult and paranormal subjects. Hit the jump to learn more.