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    Tuesday August 11, 2020
  • Dance the Night Away with Mash Kyrielight in Fate/Grand Order Waltz

    The limited-edition rhythm game lets a few lucky Masters enter the Moonlight/Lostroom with the faithful Shielder

    The Moonlight/Lostroom has opened once again for a few lucky Masters! Limited-edition mobile game Fate/Grand Order Waltz lets you dance with the ever-loyal Mash Kyrielight. If you missed the download, don't worry—we have a look at the game after the jump!

  • Wednesday August 5, 2020
  • Check Out This Year's Fate/GO Fes. Goods, Now Available Online

    The cancelled event is still bringing some gorgeous merchandise

    Fate/Grand Order Fes. may be cancelled for this year, but KADOKAWA's beautiful merchandise for the event is still available! The goods are now available online, featuring new artwork from Takashi Takeuchi and others. Check it all our after the jump!

  • Friday July 24, 2020
  • Control Fate/EXTRA's BB in Celebratory Dig Dug Browser Game

    Retro minigame will take you to the Moon Cell and back

    Test your retro gaming skills with an adorable new take on Dig Dug! As part of the 10th anniversary festivities for Fate/EXTRA, fans can play as BB in a new take on the old-school classic. Get digging after the jump!