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    Friday September 14, 2018
  • Anime vs. Real Life – The "Hawaii of Japan" Is the Perfect Setting for Harukana Receive [Part 2]

    Check out more of the real-world locations of Harukana Receive

    While summer is finally coming to an end for us, the Okinawan sun is still scorching hot in Harukana Receive, as the grand finale between the Harukana and the Éclair pair is under way. The tournament takes place at a beach, which is just as beautiful in real life as it is portrayed in the anime. So, check out these and many new real-world comparisons from Harukana Receive, right after the jump!

  • Monday August 20, 2018
  • Last Week in Anime: Turning Point Edition

    The best clips from last week's episodes

    The mid-season stretch means many anime are starting to set up their final conflict. Important matches, big fights, and plot reveals are commonplace among the episode 6-7 mark. No matter the type of series, many are hitting their big turning point! Hit the jump for the best clips from last week's episodes!

  • QUIZ: Nothing but Net Sports! Which Club is Right for You?!

    Join the sports club of your destiny! So long as it has a net...

    Interested in a net sport, but can't tell any of them apart? Anime's always got the answer! Hit the jump below to take the quiz and find out which net sport is right for YOU.

  • Tuesday July 31, 2018
  • Anime vs. Real Life – The "Hawaii of Japan" Is the Perfect Setting for Harukana Receive

    Check out the real-world locations of Harukana Receive

    There just couldn’t have been a more perfect setting for a summer anime about beach volleyball than the "Hawaii of Japan." Harukana Receive takes us to the beautiful beaches of the tropical Okinawa, all of which are real! See how the show’s locations stack up to their real-world counterparts, right after the jump!

  • How Harukana Receive Changes What You Know About Volleyball

    The "no aces" mentality isn't the only difference beach volleyball has.

    Harukana Receive puts a spotlight on the variant form of volleyball known as beach volleyball. There are notable differences between the two forms of the sport, but one that the show emphasizes is that there are no aces on a team. How does that effect how the sport is played and the way athletes prepare? Hit the jump for more!

  • Wednesday July 18, 2018
  • Sakuga Weekly: How to Make a Sports Anime Look Like the Real Thing

    Check out the best animation craft last week's anime had to offer!

    Today's edition of Sakuga Weekly takes a thematic turn, focusing on the glut of sports anime we've got this season and digging in to how they've each made an animated splash in their own way. Hit the jump to read how the season's hottest sports action looks so dang good!

  • Saturday June 23, 2018
  • Meet Ai & Mai in TV Anime Harukana Receive New Pair Visual

    Advance screening event for the first episode will be held in Tokyo on June 30

    Following the three "pair" visuals, the official website for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Nyoijizai's beach volleyball-themed manga Harukana Receive posted a new one to introduce Ai Tanahara and Mai Sunagawa, another high school's pair who are beginners in beach volleyball. Check out their visuals, along with a new CM featuring the OP theme song "FLY two BLUE" after the jump.

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