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    Friday June 5, 2020
  • The Soul Still Burns: A Look Back at PROMARE

    As the movie celebrates its 1-year anniversary, Crunchyroll reviews Studio TRIGGER's first theatrical anime film

    PROMARE, the inaugural theatrical anime film from director Hiroyuki Imaishi and Studio TRIGGER, celebrated its 1-year anniversary in May, and to celebrate we've got a mildly spoilerific review of the GKIDS release of the film. Hit the jump to quench the burning within your firefighter's soul.

  • Wednesday May 20, 2020
  • TRIGGER's Director Hiroyuki Imaishi Unleashes Anime Art Book

    224 page collection includes artwork for "FLCL", "Kill la Kill", "Dead Leaves", and more

    Studio TRIGGER's Hiroyuki Imaishi, director of works such as PROMARE and Space Patrol Luluco, has an explosive art-style and now his first official art collection has been released in Japan in a magazine-book hybrid publication known as the Hiroyuki Imaishi Anime Art Book. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Wednesday April 15, 2020
  • GKIDS Fights Fire with Fire for PROMARE Online Watch Party

    Studio TRIGGER's first feature film hits online stores such as Apple TV and Amazon Prime on April 21, 2020

    PROMARE, the hyper-kinetic 2019 theatrical anime film directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and animated by Studio TRIGGER, is hitting numerous digital outlets on April 21, 2020, and GKIDS (the film's U.S. distributors) are hosting an online watch party event encouraging fans to interact with the English dubbed voice cast as they watch along. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Thursday January 23, 2020
  • PROMARE All-Night Event Includes Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagann Screenings

    It's an Imaishi/Nakashima-thon to celebrate PROMARE's Blu-ray/DVD launch

    In just a little over a week, fans of director Hiroyuki Imaishi and writer Kazuki Nakashima's work will be able to soak in some of their biggest hits all night long. Read on for more about the PROMARE event!

  • Tuesday December 17, 2019
  • PROMARE English Dub Gets Theatrical Screenings in Japan

    Showings kick off on December 20

    TRIGGER fans in Japan will soon have another way to view director Hiroyuki Imaishi's acclaimed PROMARE. The anime film is about to make a return trip to theaters in the region, and this time screenings will center on the English-dubbed version. That's right, the PROMARE dub is headed to Japan! Read on for more.

  • Monday December 16, 2019
  • PROMARE Live Inferno Event Adds Daytime Performance

    Additional cast members and new key visual revealed for January 18 event at Nakano Sun Plaza

    Due to blazing hot popular demand (and a sold-out evening performance), PROMARE Live Inferno - an event featuring a screening of the PROMARE film as well as a live stage-show with the cast and the crew of the film - has announced an additional day performance as well as new guests, and the official key visual for the event has also been revealed. Hit the jump to burn it up.

  • Sunday December 1, 2019
  • PROMARE Anime Film to get Blazing Live Performance Screening in Tokyo with Hiroyuki Sawano

    Director Hiroyuki Imaishi and screenwriter Kazuki Nakashima to also attend the Live Inferno

    To heat Tokyo up in the chilly winter, PROMARE is bringing the warmth by having a special screening of the film with a live performance from the composer, Hiroyuki Sawano, during the film, and a stage event after the showing with director Hiroyuki Imaishi and screenwriter Kazuki Nakashima. Hit the jump to learn more!

  • Tuesday November 26, 2019
  • PROMARE Enters a New Dimension with 4DX Screenings

    GKIDS and Fathom Events sponsor encore event in December of 2019

    Some hot news for fans that want a new way to experience the encore screenings of Hiroyuki Imaishi and Studio TRIGGER's theatrical anime film, PROMARE: GKIDS and Fathom Events are introducing special 4DX screenings for the film in December of 2019. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Thursday October 10, 2019
  • Director Hiroyuki Imaishi Pens New Poster for PROMARE’s 4DX Re-Release in Japan

    The TRIGGER produced anime film will be re-released in Japan theatres in 4DX on October 18

    To celebrate the upcoming 4DX release of PROMARE in Japan on October 18, the director for the anime, Hiroyuki Imaishi, drew a brand new poster for the film with a renewed ‘4D’ logo. Check it out when you hit the jump!

  • Wednesday October 9, 2019
  • PROMARE Strikes Back with Encore Performance on December 8th

    GKIDS and Fathom Events bring Studio Trigger's theatrical anime film back for one day only due to popular demand

    Due to popular demand, PROMARE - the first theatrical length anime film from director Hiroyuki Imaishi and Studio TRIGGER - is heading back to U.S. theaters for a special encore performance on December 08, 2019, thanks to GKIDS and Fathom Events. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Friday September 20, 2019
  • Anime Film Promare Gets Fired Up With 4DX Screenings in Japan

    During the films subbed premiere on September 19 'Promare' trended on Twitter in the US

    Promare is one of the hottest anime films coming out from Japan this year, taking the world by storm. Its subbed theatrical premiere in the United States went via on Twitter. On the Japan side, the film has been given a 4DX re-release! Hit the jump to get fired up (and learn more)!

  • Thursday September 12, 2019
  • Talking TRIGGER with the Masterminds Behind PROMARE

    Hiroyuki Imaishi and his team talk about what went into the studio's first feature

    With GKIDS' North American PROMARE screenings right around the corner on September 17 and 19, we had the opportunity to fire some questions off at director Hiroyuki Imaishi and the Studio TRIGGER team. Read on for some insight into the production!

  • Saturday August 17, 2019
  • GKIDS Brings the Heat with New PROMARE Anime Film Trailer

    TRIGGER's first theatrical feature film hits select U.S. theaters on September 20, 2019

    New York-based film distributors GKIDS has published a hot new English-subtitled trailer for PROMARE, the first feature length anime theatrical film from director Hiroyuki Imaishi and Studio TRIGGER. Hit the jump to check it out.