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    Thursday April 30, 2020
  • Play Ball! Feed Your Baseball Need with These Five Anime Series

    Oh! That's a Baseball!

    In the need for some baseball? Crunchyroll has you covered! From the nostalgic dream-chasers of MIX: Meisei Story to video game-playing JoJos, the bases are loaded. Which anime baseball team will you call your own? Peruse our selection after the jump!

  • Wednesday March 11, 2020
  • Little Busters! Converted Edition Heads to Switch in the West

    Digital-only release is lined up for April 23

    Prototype officially confirmed plans for the western release of the Little Busters! Converted Edition visual novel. A digital-only release is coming to the Nintendo eShop, with the $44.99 download set for April 23. Read on for more.

  • Saturday January 25, 2020
  • Little Busters! Visual Novel Gets Converted for the Nintendo Switch on April 23

    Take your pain with you where ever you go, in both English and Japanese

    Little Busters!, the popular visual novel from developing house, Key, and the mind of Jun Maeda, is following in Clannad’s footsteps and getting a Nintendo Switch release on April 23. This version of the game will come complete with the usual Japanese text, as well as the English translation that was first used for the Steam release. Hit the jump to learn more about this new, converted, version!

  • Wednesday March 27, 2019
  • Crowd-funded Anime Film "Kud Wafter" Delayed Until September of 2020

    Director change also announced for short theatrical film project based on "Little Busters!" visual novel spin-off series

    Some sad news for all you Key visual novel fans out there: although it was successfully crowd-funded back in 2017, the release of the upcoming Kud Wafter theatrical anime short film has been delayed from September of 2019 until September of 2020. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Thursday November 2, 2017
  • "Little Busters!" Goes HD in Official English Release

    The Key fan favorite is now available on Steam.

    The "Perfect Edition" of Little Busters! is now available in English! Hit up Steam for they Key visual novel, featuring new heroines, HD graphics, and dual-language text. More info after the jump!

  • Tuesday October 31, 2017
  • "Kud Wafter" Anime Movie Reaches Crowdfunding Goal in 5 Days

    The next goal involves increasing the length of the feature

    A few days ago we posted about the Kud Wafter anime movie, which was looking to celebrate 10 years of the Little Busters! visual novels with a feature based on the spinoff. To do so, they needed to hit an international crowdfunding goal of ¥3,000,000 (USD $26,448)… which they managed to do in just five days. Read on for more.

  • Friday October 27, 2017
  • "Kud Wafter" Anime Movie Looks For International Crowdfunding

    It’s the 10th anniversary of visual novel Little Busters!

    It’s the 10th anniversary of visual novel Little Busters! To celebrate, an effort is underway to give Kudryavka Noumi her own Kud Wafter spin-off theatrical anime. Accompanying a Japanese crowdfunding campaign, there is now an international effort aiming to raise 3,000,000yen (about $26K) for English subs and global distribution, then 15 million yen to increase the run time to 60 minutes.

  • Saturday July 22, 2017
  • "Kud Wafter" OVA 113% Funded in Two Days

    "Little Busters!" 10th anniversary release is well on its way to stretch goals.

    Little Busters! spinoff Kud Wafter is already 113% funded on Campfire and on its way to stretch goals. Get your peek at the crowdfunded OVA, perks for supporters, and more after the jump!

  • Sunday July 2, 2017
  • "Kud Wafter" Crowdfunding Sets Its Sights on a Film Release

    "Little Busters!" spinoff begins its campaign this month.

    Key's Kud Wafter is coming to crowdfunding! As part of the tenth anniversary of Little Busters!, there's a five-tier mission to create a Kud Wafter anime -- with the top tier being a theatrical release. Hit the jump for more!

  • Tuesday April 4, 2017
  • "Little Busters!" Visual Novel Heads to Steam Soon

    VisualArts has a habit of announcing projects on April Fool's

    VisualArts has a habit of announcing projects on April Fool's, including 2008's Rewrite and 2016's Planetarian’s anime. This year, the visual novel publisher posted an English opening movie for the Key developed visual novel Little Busters! In a follow-up, VisualArt's confirmed that the game’s localization is headed to Steam "in a few weeks."

  • Thursday January 5, 2017
  • Anime To Adapt "Little Busters!" Spin-Off "Kud Wafter"

    3/4 Russian Kudryavka "Kud" Noumi got her spin-off adult visual novel, developed by Key in 2010

    After Visual Arts CEO Takahiro Baba relayed the news in an annual report on Japan's AkibaBlog, visual novel maker Visual Arts shared with English language fans that they are currently (financially) planning an anime of the Little Busters! spinoff Kud Wafter. More after the jump.