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    Wednesday January 26, 2022
  • Blue Period Manga Takes 1 Month Break Due to Author Contracting COVID-19

    Tsubasa Yamaguchi is slowly recovering at home

    Tsubasa Yamaguchi, the creator of the award-winning Blue Period manga, announced on their Twitter account yesterday that the manga will be taking at least a one-month break from serialization in Monthly Afternoon because they contracted COVID-19. More details after the jump.

  • Sunday January 16, 2022
  • World Trigger 3rd Season's Final Episode to Air January 22, Salaryman's Club Postponed a Week

    The 14th episode of World Trigger season 3 was delayed due to the Tonga volcano eruption

    After coverage of the Tonga volcanic eruption and subsequent tsunamis around the world upended the broadcast of the 14th episode of World Trigger 3rd Season last night, the airdate of the final episode was confirmed, as well as the postponement of the premiere of Salaryman's Club. More after the jump.

  • Thursday December 16, 2021
  • Tamakoma Second's Chika Amatori Get World Trigger 3rd Season TV Anime Character Visual

    World Trigger 3rd Season is streaming weekly here on Crunchyroll

    The adorable Chika Amatori from Tamakoma Second in the ongoing World Trigger TV anime has decided to go all out, stepping up her game as the series opened up to Round 8 in the latest episode. To celebrate the character growth, Chika has gotten a new character visual for the 3rd season of World Trigger. Check it out after the jump!

  • Tuesday December 14, 2021
  • Platinum End TV Anime Unveils 3 More Cast Members For the Angel's Game

    Crunchyroll streams the heavenly series as it airs

    As the angel's fun continues in the latest episodes of the Platinum End TV anime, more humans get involved with the godly exploits, with three of Metropoliman's minions announced today alongside the confirmation of their voice actors for the Signal.MD-produced TV anime. Learn who joined the series after the jump!

  • Thursday December 9, 2021
  • 1st Sword Art Online Progressive Anime Film Makes Over US$1 Million in NA Opening Weekend

    Comes in at 10th on the box office chart

    Sword Art Online The Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night, the first film in the SAO Progressive franchise, had its North American debut last weekend and the box office numbers are in for the film, opening to over US$1 million and at 10th place on the box office charts! See the breakdown after the jump!

  • Thursday December 2, 2021
  • The Yuba Unit's Voice Actors Get Revealed for World Trigger 3rd Season

    World Trigger 3rd Season is streaming weekly here on Crunchyroll

    Takuma Yuba and the rest of the Yuba Unit got their voice actors announced today for the ongoing World Trigger TV anime ahead of their debut in the ninth episode of the third season. Alongside the voice actors, the character visuals for all four members were revealed for the B-rank Squad. Go past the jump to uncover all the details!

  • Thursday November 25, 2021
  • Blue Period Anime Postpones Episode 7 Release Internationally by Around 1 Week

    The producer says it's due to "unforeseen production delays"

    DMM Pictures, one of the producers behind the Blue Period anime series, which adapts Tsubasa Yamaguchi's awarding-winning manga series of the same name, announced today that the release of the seventh episode will be delayed internationally by a week due to "unforeseen production delays." More details after the jump!

  • Wednesday November 24, 2021
  • takt op. Destiny Recreates Popular Scenes IRL in 1st Ever Exhibition Set for New Year's

    The TV anime is streaming on Crunchyroll this season

    The takt op.Destiny TV anime is jumping out of TV screens to its first exhibition, which will be recreating scenes from the TV anime as well as showing off original key animation and production materials from the MAPPA and Madhouse-produced series. Go past the jump to learn more!

  • Saturday November 20, 2021
  • 86 EIGHTY-SIX TV Anime's 19th Episode Also Postponed By a Week Due to Production

    The TV anime streams on Crunchyroll as it airs in Japan

    The production committee for the 86 EIGHTY-SIX TV anime revealed after the broadcast of the postponed 18th episode that the 19th episode will also be delayed a week due to "circumstances of production." The 19th episode of the popular TV anime adaptation will now air on Japanese TV on December 4. More details after the jump.

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