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    Tuesday January 3, 2017
  • Surreal RPG "Omori" Shows Signs of Life in New Trailer

    Crowdfunded project is still in the works for PC, Mac, and Nintendo 3DS

    It's been a while since developer Omocat smashed a $22,000 Kickstarter goal to fund the "surreal psychological horror RPGmaker game" Omori. A couple years isn't a long time in the world of crowdfunding, especially for a game, but some folks out there have likely been longing for a more substantial update. Read on for the latest trailer and more.

  • Tuesday April 22, 2014
  • VIDEO: "OMORI" Brings a Darker Take on the Classic JRPG Template

    Stylish, retro, and downright disturbing... all with a great soundtrack!

    RPGs tend to have a sense of exploration, of being a part of a bigger world and digging into its secrets. Upcoming Kickstarter project OMORI replaces all that with a feeling of looming dread, all to a haunting lullaby of a soundtrack. Hit the jump to check out a trailer for OMORI!