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    Wednesday December 30, 2020
  • Classic Literature Meets Fashion in World Masterpiece Theater Clothing Line

    Felissimo collaboration includes Anne of Green Gables, Rascal the Raccoon, and more

    World Masterpiece Theater is joining forces with fashion brand Felissimo to bring fans a new line of outfits, goods, and housewares. Inspired by five of the franchise's most memorable series, these one-of-a-kind goods are now on sale. Check them out after the jump!

  • Monday August 3, 2020
  • Rascal the Raccoon Is at It Again with a Haikyu!! Crossover

    The legendary anime raccoon continues to invade all your favorite shows

    Rascal the raccoon just can't keep to himself—he's always crossing over with other shows! Most recently, he's teamed up with the boys of Haikyu!! for a special line of goods being sold at the show's upcoming pop-up shop. Get a sneak peek after the jump!

  • Saturday July 25, 2020
  • Rascal the Raccoon Joins Crayon Shin-chan for Crossover Antics

    Anime's favorite troublemakers appear together on home and travel goods

    Adorable anime mischief makers Rascal the Raccoon and Shin-chan announced a team-up last month—and the results are here! An adorable line of home and personal goods crosses over the two beloved series. Take a peek after the jump!

  • Sunday February 23, 2020
  • Fate/Grand Order Summons Rascal the Raccoon for New Collaboration

    Fate/Raccoon Order features the mascot as Gilgamesh, Mash, Merlin, and everyone else

    All the corn in the world is his! A new collaboration between Rascal the Raccoon and Fate/Grand Order puts the animal mascot in the shoes of your favorite Heroic Spirits. Check out the new art after the jump!

  • Thursday January 16, 2020
  • Rascal the Raccoon Sneaks into Demon Slayers and KING OF PRISM Promos

    One crossover just isn't enough for the invasive critter

    He's here, he's there, he's everywhere! Rascal the Raccoon seems to end up collaborating with every anime out there, and this winter is no exception. Check out the latest stage of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba collab, plus a café alongside KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars-, after the jump!

  • Friday October 25, 2019
  • Rascal the Raccoon Invades Demon Slayer with Adorable Crossover Art

    The lovable anime character's conquest rages on

    Rascal the Raccoon is making his latest in-roads into another anime series. This time, he'll be teaming up with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba for a line of adorable goods. Check out the crossover art after the jump!

  • Saturday October 13, 2018
  • Attack on Titan Launches "Raccoon Corps" for Latest Rascal Collaboration

    Third crossover will also recreate Season 3 characters and moments Rascal-style

    Rascal the Raccoon is invading Attack on Titan for a third time! The latest collaboration features new Rascal-themed capes for the Survey Corps, plus reimaginings of Season 3 key visuals. Hit the jump for a peek!

  • Friday July 27, 2018
  • Pretty Series Will Be Next in Rascal the Raccoon's Collab World Tour

    Petit Rascal meets Pretty All Friends in new collaboration

    Rascal the Raccoon is preparing for his next anime collab -- this time with the girls of PriPara, Pretty Rhythm, and Kiratto Pri Chan! Check out their new coords and the upcoming items after the jump.

  • Thursday May 31, 2018
  • Anime Recap: My Hero Academia Movie Visual, Fairy Tail Creator’s New Series, & More!

    The highlights of the latest news in anime!

    My Hero Academia movie gets a new visual, Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima annaunces new manga series, The Promised Neverland anime announcement, & More! Hit the jump for the highlights of the hottest news in anime!

  • Thursday May 24, 2018
  • Rascal the Raccoon Invades Virtual Reality

    "Where's Rascal?" is the most fun you'll have tracking down a raccoon hiding in your house

    Rascal the raccoon is on the loose! The beloved anime character is part of his own virtual reality game, which fans can test out next month as part of Tokyo Skytree's Rascal event. Check out screencaps after the jump!

  • Saturday March 10, 2018
  • "Pop Team Epic," "Kemono Friends," and More Collide for AnimeJapan Merch

    "Rascal," "Kemono Friends," and "SAO" are also in the mix

    It's time for more AnimeJapan merch, and you know what that means -- crossovers! Kemono Friends and Rascal the Raccoon collide, along with more popular series. Check out the new shirts after the jump!

  • Saturday January 27, 2018
  • "Yuki Yuna" Meets "Sword Art Online" for AnimeJapan 2018 Collabs

    "Rascal the Raccoon" and "Kemono Friends" also to team up

    Anime series collide for AnimeJapan 2018! The five-year-old anime con has just announced two sets of collaboration that will inspire exclusive goods at this year's event. Check out the news after the jump!

  • Saturday August 12, 2017
  • "Harajuku Rascal Shop" Continues Raccoon's Anniversary Celebration

    Crossover merch features Japan's favorite invasive species.

    Still craving some Rascal the Raccoon cuteness? The Harajuku Rascal Shop is happy to oblige. Stop by to pick up yume kawaii merch, frozen treats, and crossover goods featuring Attack on Titan and Rose of Versailles. Hit the jump for a preview!

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