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    Wednesday March 20, 2013

    Maiden Japan today announced its acquisition of Ruin Explorers, a tale of dungeons, dangers and dysfunctional damsels.  This four episode OVA series features direction and screenplay by Takeshi Mori (Gunsmith Cats, Vandread) with character designs by Toshihisa Kaiya and music by Masamichi Amano (Princess Nine, Giant Robo).

  • Maiden Japan Licenses "Ruin Explorers" OVA, "Patlabor" TV Anime

    Both are set to be released on home video and digital starting in July

    Section23's Maiden Japan is on a very Discotek-ish role lately, what with the addition of Black Magic M-66 and, announced today, the Ruin Explorers OVA series and the Mobile Police Patlabor TV anime. Read on for more.

  • Tuesday January 29, 2013
  • Column: "Natestalgia!" -- OAV Oasis: Revisiting Forgotten Classics

    Taking a look back at "Debutante Detective Corps" and "Ruin Explorers"

    You still hear about manga and anime getting direct-to-video original episodes or specials, but they're not nearly as common as they used to be. After the jump, partake in the nostalgic bounty of Natestalgia's shiny new OAV Oasis! This week, it's frenetic action and comedy with Debutante Detective Corps and high adventure with Ruin Explorers!