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    Monday May 16, 2022
  • Fire Force Season 3 Officially Announced

    Company 8 are returning to save the day again!

    Get ready to be fired up, because the Fire Force engine is officially roaring to life once more for a third anime season and a new game, just as the manga's final volume goes on sale!. Hit the jump for all the details.

  • Thursday May 5, 2022
  • RECS: Check Out These 11 Shonen Series Now On Crunchyroll!

    We got a lot of new stuff from Funimation!

    Funimation has delivered us a ton of new shonen series, ranging from classics like Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho, to highly acclaimed modern fare like MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD and SSSS.DYNAZENON. Hit the jump for 11 titles you need to start watching!

  • Friday February 18, 2022
  • INTERVIEW: Meet The Writer Using Manga to Change Young People's Lives

    An interview with Tony Weaver Jr., the CEO of Weird Enough Productions and developer of The Uncommons

    Tony Weaver Jr. is a creator and educator using the power of manga and comics to empower young people. We had the chance to talk with the creator of The Uncommons and head of Weird Enough Productions about his experience running the organization, his favorite anime, and that special feeling you get when the shonen OP hits. Hit the jump to read more!

  • Friday April 9, 2021
  • Come Write About Anime For Crunchyroll!

    If you have cool ideas about Shonen anime we want to hear from you

    The Crunchyroll Features team is looking for new writers! Check out all the details after the jump!

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