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    Monday August 10, 2020
  • FANS REACT: Intrigue and Backstory Define Episode 6 of The God of High School

    There's a new format for the tournament and a wealth of new questions this week!

    With last week's episode being full of action, it's time to take things easy this week, which, in The God of High School means it's time to dive more into some backstories, raise even more questions, and change up the format for the tournament. Hit the jump to find out what you had to say about Episode 6 and remember there are spoilers here!

  • Tuesday August 11, 2020
  • Crunchyroll Lines Up Dub Plans for The God of High School, Re:ZERO Season 2, and More

    See when the next batch of series get their English dubs and who's starring in them!

    Crunchyroll is preparing to roll out more English dubs, with a handful of new shows set to launch in dubbed form this month. See the latest series to get dub launch dates and cast highlights after the jump.

  • Friday August 7, 2020
  • ROUND-UP: The News In Anime 08/03/2020-08/07/2020

    Let's check in on the anime industry, shall we?

    What happened in the world of anime this week? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Monday August 10, 2020
  • FEATURE: Over 61,000 People Voted For Their Favorite The God Of High School Character

    Which one do y'all like the most?

    We're six episodes into The God of High School, and already we've seen a parade of colorful characters and intense fights between them. Hit the jump to see a ranking of them, as voted by fans of the series!

  • Thursday August 6, 2020
  • Loot Crate Announces New Partnership With Crunchyroll, God of High School Featured In Loot Anime's August Box

    New partnership sees curated monthly merch boxes and new announcements at VCRX in September

    Monthly merchandise subscription box Loot Crate announces a new collaboration with Crunchyroll which will see the streaming portal curate subscription boxes with a focus on its Crunchyroll Originals titles. Read on for more details.

  • Monday August 3, 2020
  • RECAP: The God Of High School Creates Beauty From Brawling in Episode 5

    How Han Daewi Got His Groove Back

    The latest The God of High School is primarily devoted to the match between Jin Mori and Han Daewi, an emotional encounter that ends up being a pivotal moment for the latter. Hit the jump for why this is the most important episode yet!

  • FANS REACT: It's The Fight Everyone's Been Waiting For in Episode 5

    The finals of the Seoul preliminaries deliver the best fight of the series thus far

    We've got a very big fight this week in Episode 5 of The God of High School as it's the finals of the Seoul preliminaries and two fan favorites are going to have to slug it out. Hit the jump to find out and remember there are spoilers waiting for you!