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    Saturday March 7, 2020
  • Trials of Mana Shows Off Its Gameplay in Latest Trailer

    Meet your party members and see more footage ahead of April launch

    April is basically the unofficial month of remakes, and Square Enix's other big one is Trials of Mana. This update brings 1995 Super Famicom action-RPG Seiken Densetsu 3 into 2020 in style next month, and you can see how it's shaping up in the gameplay trailer after the jump.

  • Sunday January 12, 2020
  • Charlotte and Kevin Take the Spotlight in Trials of Mana Trailer

    Switch, PS4, and PC release is slated for this April

    After finally making Seiken Densetsu 3 available in English as Trials of Mana in the Collection of Mana, Square Enix is bringing the full remake to PS4, Switch, and PC this April. Check out a new character spotlight after the jump.