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    Tuesday August 25, 2020
  • Umihara Kawase BaZooKa! Game Hit with a Delay in North America

    ININ Games pushes physical and digital releases to October 30

    ININ Games previously announced physical and digital releases of puzzle-platformer Umihara Kawase BaZooKa! for September 29 in North America and Europe. While Europe is holding on tight to that date, the North American release has been delayed. Read on for more.

  • Monday May 4, 2020
  • Umihara Kawase BaZooKa! Heads to PS4, Switch, and PC in the West

    PC version is up first on May 28, followed by consoles in July

    More puzzle-platforming Umihara Kawase fun is on the way to the west. This time it's Umihara Kawase BaZooKa!, which ININ Games aims to release on PS4 and Switch, and there's also a PC version coming from Success this month. Read on for more.

  • Monday August 12, 2019
  • Umihara Kawase Fresh! Makes a Swinging Leap to PS4

    Success announces plans to showcase the port at Tokyo Game Show

    Umihara Kawase Fresh! made its Switch debut back in April, but there's another destination on the horizon for the swingin' puzzle-platformer. While there's no release date yet, publisher Success announced plans to bring the latest entry in the series to PlayStation 4. Read on for more.

  • Saturday April 6, 2019
  • Umihara Kawase Fresh! Game Shows How to Successfully Swing

    Latest entry in the series launches in the west this July

    The long-running Umihara Kawase series of puzzle-platformers is making its way to Switch as new entry Umihara Kawase Fresh!, and you can check out some new gameplay after the jump.

  • Sunday February 7, 2016
  • "Umihara Kawase" is Officially Back on Steam

    Publisher Degica saved it with a well-timed fish hook

    Following up on the closure of developer and publisher Agatsuma Entertainment, which caused the Umihara Kawase platformers to disappear from Steam, publisher Degica came in with a nicely-timed rescue last month. At the time the games were supposed to be back on Steam on January 28, but anyone looking for them on that date was sorely disappointed. Now the Umihara Kawase Trilogy is officially back in action on Steam. Read on for more.

  • Wednesday January 27, 2016
  • "Umihara Kawase" Swings Back to Steam This Week

    No re-purchase necessary for current owners

    It was a bummer of an announcement earlier this month when developer and publisher Agatsuma Entertainment closed its doors, taking with it the availability of the Umihara Kawase games on Steam. Thankfully Degica acquired the rights, so Umihara Kawase will make its triumphant return to Steam on January 28. Read on for more.

  • Monday January 4, 2016
  • "Umihara Kawase" Games No Longer Available on Steam

    Agatsuma Entertainment's closure spells the end for recent releases

    Following last month's announcement of the closure of developer and publisher Agatsuma Entertainment, the Umihara Kawase games have been delisted from Steam. Those who already purchased and have the games in their inventories shouldn't have any problems, but for now there's no way to grab new copies of Umihara KawaseUmihara Kawase Shun Steam Edition, and Sayonara Umihara Kawase. Read on for more.

  • Saturday December 12, 2015
  • "Umihara Kawase" Developer Agatsuma Entertainment Closing Down

    Another developer closes its doors.

    Agatsuma Entertainment, developer and publisher of the Umihara Kawase trilogy and Code of Princess, has officially shut down as of Friday, December 11. Hit the jump for additional details. 

  • Monday November 23, 2015
  • "Umihara Kawase" Games to Be Bundled in a Trilogy on Steam

    "Umihara Kawase Shun" rounds out the localized PC releases

    Agatsuma Entertainment recently followed up their PC release of swingin' platformer Sayonara Umihara Kawase with a port of the first Umihara Kawase, which originally hit Super Famicom in Japan back in 1994. Now the previously-re-released PlayStation sequel, Umihara Kawase Shun, is coming to PC via Steam tomorrow, and it's bringing a trilogy bundle option along for the ride. More after the jump.

  • Wednesday September 23, 2015
  • "Sayonara Umihara Kawase" Set for October 6 on PC

    First game in the series to follow in November

    Earlier this month Agatsuma Entertainment announced plans to bring 3DS/Vita platformer Sayonara Umihara Kawase to PC via Steam in October. That has since been narrowed down to a more specific date, with the PC-optimized version set to arrive on October 6. Read on for more.