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    Monday May 11, 2020
  • Sakutaro Hagiwara's Real Grandson Makes a Guest Voice Appearance in Woodpecker Detective's Office

    Liden Films-produced mystery series is now simulcast on Crunchyroll

    It has been confirmed that 74-year-old visual artist/writer Sakumi Hagiwara will make a guest voice appearance as the owner of Kugutsukan in the next sixth episode of the TV anime Woodpecker Detective's Office. He is a real grandson of one of the anime's main characters, Sakutaro Hagiwara voiced by Yuichiro Umehara. Hit the jump for more details.

  • Tuesday May 19, 2020
  • Are Poets and Detectives Actually Similar? Analyzing Woodpecker Detective's Office's Comparison

    Poets and detectives in the same line of work? It's more likely than you'd think

    In the first episode of Woodpecker Detective's Office, Takuboku Ishikawa presents the idea that poets and detectives have more in common than people would think. It's an interesting comparison as on paper, you might not think that these two occupations could be connected, but perhaps Ishikawa is on to something. Just how similar are poets and detectives? Could one crossover into being the other? Are these jobs that anyone can pick up and do? Hit the jump to find out!

  • Wednesday April 22, 2020
  • Voice Actress Idol Unit NOW ON AIR Performs New Song "HPBtoU!" from Each Member's Home

    Spring 2020 TV Anime "Woodpecker Detective's Office" ED song single will be available on May 13

    The six-member voice actress idol unit NOW ON AIR has posted a two-minute performance clip of "HPBtoU!" (Happy Birthday to You!), the coupling song from their fourth single "Gondola no Uta." The members performed the song from each home as part of the "Utatsunagi" (Song Connection) online project by Japanese artists. Listen to their beautiful harmony after the jump!

  • Monday April 20, 2020
  • Shinichiro Miki Joins Woodpecker Detective's Office as Soseki Natsume from Next 3rd Episode

    Liden Films-produced mystery series is now simulcast on Crunchyroll

    It has been confirmed that Shinichiro Miki (Kojiro in Pokémon, Lockon Stratos in Mobile Suit Gundam 00) will join the ongoing TV anime Woodpecker Detective's Office as the voice of Soseki Natsume from its next third episode. Natsume is regarded as one of the founders of Japanese modern literature and adored by many young writers. Hit the jump for more details.

  • Monday April 13, 2020
  • Makoto Furukawa Timeslips into Meiji Japan in Woodpecker Detective's Office OP Theme MV

    The first episode of the Crunchyroll co-production series is now available to its Premium members

    Lantis' official YouTube channel has started streaming an 85-second music video for voice actor Makoto Furukawa's third single "Honjitsu mo Makotoni Seiten Nari" (Today a beautiful sunny day again). The tune is now used as the OP theme for the spring 2020 TV anime Woodpecker Detective's Office, in which he is also cast as one of its main characters, Bokusui Wakayama. Watch the clip with retro Japanese taste after the jump!