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    Tuesday March 20, 2018
  • It's Time to Get Weird with "You Can Enjoy!" Episode 1

    Promotional anime highlights the agricultural products of Fukushima

    It's time to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese persimmons but were too afraid to ask! The first episode of Gainax Fukushima's You Can Enjoy! promotes the agriculture of Fukushima Prefecture in the way anime does best: by turning it into cute girls. Watch the first installment after the jump!

  • Thursday March 1, 2018
  • Voice Actors are Food in "You Can Enjoy!" Promotional Anime

    5 episode animated series promotes the agricultural, forestry, and fishery products of Fukushima

    Animation studio Gainax Fukushima has teamed up with Fukushima Prefecture to produce You Can Enjoy! (known in Japanese as Tabechattate Ii no ni na!), a 5 episode promotional anime that celebrates the agricultural, forestry, and fishery food products of Fukushima Prefecture. Hit the jump to learn more.