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  • 7 out of 7 people found this review helpful:
    I freaked when I saw this was out on crunchyroll
    I have watched noragami a good year or so ago and forgot what a gem this was. It has a strong storyline and many loveable characters. From the start, the childish Yato will make you laugh till you are reminded of his power and prowess in beautiful action sequences. After rewatching norogami I can say it was as good the second time as it was the first!
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Simple and magnificient !
    small list of characters with great background and interact to each other.

    Story is great and with good twist. It all comes together at the end for a happy ending.

    Good fight although a bit annoying it's always the same name for the skill. Would have loved a bit more action.

    Music is really good also.

    I watched it in one go. I really appreciated and had a good time.
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  • amazing character development!
    Yato is your typical boy, thinks he self sufficient and doesnt need anyone else to reach his goal, maybe because hes a loner or maybe not, youll find out if you watch it.
    Hyori is just your average school girl, and after meeting YATO she finally has something.
    Easy to fall in love with every single character, even the bad ones, even the secondary ones, even the by standers in the show!! Really ...
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  • OML I need Season 3!
    Noragami is an amazing anime. Its plot is awesome with unexpected turns. Some of the characters are aloof and lighthearted whereas others, such as Yato, have these dark pasts that have seemed to shape who they are.

    All in all.. I loved the way the characters would behave in certain situations and would definitely recommend it to a friend.
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  • Great ride into a search for purpose
    Noragami has a nice simple progression with an exciting easy to follow path but the big picture can be several layers deep. A coming of age story, a question of purpose both original and new, a search for self and a plutonic tale of young love's evolution.
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  • Like a transformer, more than meets the eye.
    This anime goes down as one of my favourites, the animation and art style are extremely good. A loveable, fun anime with a surprisingly deep story and great characters. It's very well written and I would love to see the second season arrive on crunchyroll, I'd also love a third season to be made.
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  • Simple and entertaining.
    Noragami is a great little find, characters are interesting and not boring, repetitive or constantly shouting. The story is easy to understand and each episode draws your attention, it leaves you wanting more. Not to mention Yato is secretly a badass.
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