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    First Review from SomeJefferson
    I enjoyed this show despite not being able to watch it Cruchyroll. The art is great, the characters are so lovable, and the comedic timing is on point. I wish there was more because I love the genre. Yes, there are other ecchi animes, but the more others I watch the more information I have to take in.
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    I'm glad this exists on crunchyroll even though it is terrible
    Is incest funny? Is a house full of girls living with a single 16 year old boy and all being overtly sexually predatory funny? In Japan I guess it is and thanks to crunchyroll we get to watch this aspect of Japanese culture. To me it just seems creepy as fuck and not funny but I'm glad it's here.

    Hard to believe there are shows on crunchyroll that manage to be even worse than this. It deserves ...
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