Polar Bear Cafe

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  • An infamous punster.
    I really liked this show, it was usually funny, and Shirokuma's puns were great. I thought the intermixing of humans and animals was a bit weird, but none of the humans in the story gave it a second thought.The one thing that I did not like about the show was its depiction of drinnking and gettin drunk, I understand it's a part of Japanese culture but I could have done without it. I started ...
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  • This show is my comfort food
    It's my favourite things in one show, bears and coffee. Also it's got really fun and clever characters who seem to do well no matter the situation you plop them in. I love watching the three bounce off of eachother and any episode with Grizzly is a treat. The human characters are also really endearing and I find myself smiling whenever we get an episode dedicated to learning more about them.
    This ...
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  • One of the more underrated animes.
    Shirokuma Cafe is one of those animes where you watch when you need to unwind. Its funny and filled with characters that you get attached to as the series progressed. Although it follows the tale of Panda who is a lazy panda (yes, a panda named Panda) that works part time at the zoo, it actually revolves around the friends he made when he stumbled upon a cafe called Shirokuma Cafe. His ...
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  • Great anime, very glad I watched it!
    This anime isn't for everyone, but I found it great to watch! This is a slice of life and comedy anime, with it also being very relaxed and easy going. Obviously if you only want action/energetic anime then maybe pass on this, but if you'd like to also watch a more relaxed one that still manages to be really entertaining, then definitely give this a go!

    A lot of the characters are really ...
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  • 3 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    Great escapism - and sometimes that's enough
    Polar Bear Café is something to look forward to every week; you know it's going to be nice.

    Are the jokes that funny? Not really. Sometimes they're bad on purpose and sometimes they're probably bad by accident. But the characters and voice acting are stellar.

    I also like the way the designs are quite realistic (the bears' teeth, etc). Oh, and the next-episode previews are great.
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    Strange and alluring, different and fresh!
    After reading the title, I laughed and thought; "Ye... why not :P".

    Best decision ever!
    Turns out this is a real hidden gem, if you can get past the very awkward first 2 episodes, where it takes a while to build momentum in terms of both characters and events then this anime becomes a nice, relaxing viewing.

    This isn't for people who want excitement or fast paced thrills, this is very much ...
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