Sailor Moon Crystal

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  • You're better off reading the manga
    This will be a review of the first two arcs which I saw and was extremely disappointed by. In the first arc, all of the Shitennou were supposed to have been killed by the inner senshi right after their introduction but they were spared in this adaptation because of the Senshi x Shitennou pairings that Toei decided to adapt from one of Naoko's artwork. This would have been fine if the Shitennou ...
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  • Just watch it, it's still awesome.
    I first watched Sailor Moon in the 90's when I was a kid and it was great. It forever remained close to my heart because of it's meaning to the genre. Now in regards to Sailor Moon Crystal, well it's as if it grew up along with me, it feels more grown up. Keep it up.
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  • It certainly inspires nostalgia
    Sailor Moon Crystal is not the sailor moon I grew up with. She's shinier, taller, thinner, and her romance arc is creepier from my now adult perspective. That said, I would watch it all again! I love how faithful they were to the manga, and how much more depth of character each sailor scout got. Adult me, adolescent me, and child me give 6 thumbs up~!
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