Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove it

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  • Fantastic from start to end
    Good amount of humour, interesting plot, the bear explaining all of the theorems is interesting but sometimes overwhelming, like the travelling salesman dilemma. In general though I enjoyed this straight from the start, right to the end. I might not watch it again but I've already recommended it to a few friends because it's definitely worth watching
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  • Theorem: This show is super cute
    > Captivating storyline/plot.
    > Engaging characters! Torasuke in particular was great!
    > Good animation quality.
    > Very funny. A lot of dry humour.
    > The science in it isn't bad. I am studying maths and comp-sci, a lot of things they mentioned (eg polynomial time reductions, TSP, Tabu search, etc.), even things that are mentioned just in passing, aren't just random sciency-sounding ...
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  • Hilarious, perfect rom-com guilty pleasure
    The new rom-com trope seems to be two people clearly in love with each other and not being able to admit it to each other (like Kaguya-sama: Love is War). So far, the first five episodes have me laughing out loud a lot. I have already recommended it to friends that also like silly but well-done rom-coms.
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    Good, but not great.
    So far finding it enjoyable with some good jokes, appealing animation and likeable characters, but i just found it a bit underwhelming compared to other RomCom anime's of similar premise (Kaguya-sama: Love Is War) . If you like RomCom animes, than this is a good one to watch this season.
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