Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

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  • Fantastic Storytelling
    If you enjoy a good story, this is the show to watch. Not only is the overall show have a great cast of characters and awesome storytelling, it also uses Rakugo very well. You'll find yourself listening deeply to the characters stories as you are watching the show. Great depth and fantastic series! Excited for another season!
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  • Lovely series by all means
    Okay, so, this is an anime about story-telling performances, set not too long ago; nothing complicated. But, my god, this is one amazing show!
    Do I watch it to feel for the characters? Do I watch it to entertain yourself with rakugo? I honestly don't know which one trumps the other. But it leaves me with all these mixed feelings, all the laughter and tears.
    I would say it's more of an experience ...
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