Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san

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    Insightful Slice of Life
    This is definitely for fans of Denki Gai.

    This is a great slice of life anime, with light-hearted gags and realistic content (yes, despite the skull-faced protagonist). If you've been to Japan and wondered how those high-powered bookshops work, then this is for you. There's also a little bit about the Japanese perspective on foreign tourists and Western comics, which was interesting.

    The ...
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  • A humourous and pretty entertaining take on the life of a book store employee.
    Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a series about a skeleton who sells books.

    I found it pretty funny and I get the feeling that those in retail will be able to relate to some of the situations that Honda finds himself in. It's a nice series to casually watch as each episode is relatively short.
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  • A must for anyone who has worked in retail or customer service
    As a book lover and former book seller in the United States, I could definitely relate to some of Honda-san's instances, but the Japanese culture and the sheer size of the store makes some things not so universal, but still entertaining.

    There's a lot of humour packed into the short 11 minute segments, which are often subdivided themselves. Really good little series to watch all in one go, and ...
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  • Very interesting anime.
    I really enjoyed this anime as it showed me a lot i didn't know about what happens in a bookstore, not only that the anime itself was a gag anime with the knowledge included so to me this was perfect to watch with my brother who also really loves shopping for books and having a laugh so we both enjoyed this and gave it an above average score of 6/10.
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  • Simple theme is best theme, trust me
    I only watched 3 episodes, but the show is great. The theme is not complicated, which i love. this means that i don't need to remember much and have a high attention level to watch it (i mean like in other anime I need to be awake to a certain level to understand dialogue and such) but with honda san i can just open up an edpisode and just watch. it's fun.
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