Sparrow's Hotel

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  • Excellent fun. Don't take it seriously.
    Don't expect plot or character development or anything fancy. This is just a little short series that's purely fun and silly. It was strange that the animation style was changed mid-way through but overall, it's great for a quick laugh or pick me up. I wish it were longer. I'd like to see Salou-San kick more butt.
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  • Not a Bad Way to Kill Time!
    Sparrow's Hotel is a short yet funny anime. While there may not be any real motive behind it all, it's a good way to kill time. With each episode being three minutes long, you finish this anime in around a half an hour so you won't really feel cheated if you do end up disliking it. If you just want something with a little humour to kill time before a next episode of another show comes out, then ...
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    Waste of my premium account
    One star for me the show is too short to plain I don't get it all it is just about some random sorry japan and crunchy roll it needs more of a story line and some more excitement just not my cup of tea your gonna to have to do better then that
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