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    An anime about time travel! nuff said
    Steins gate is an anime about a mad scientist named Okabe Rintarou or HOUOUIN KYOUMA(yes you have to yell that) who accidentally time travels! After realizing this he starts to mess around with it and seems to love it. However he then starts to realize that time travel is not something he should mess with as it starts to mess with things. It doesn't have any action but yet is one of the most ...
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  • Excellent writing. Very little cheese. Chortle-worthy and sciency
    First I'd like to say that Steins Gate is hands down the only anime I've watched where the dubbed version not only completely holds it's own, but it's actually really good! The writing is smart and funny, Kyoma's tirades remind me of Ignatius from A confederacy of Dunces, if he were a scientist.

    And this is a hard sci-fi series imo, it doesn't stray too far into fantastical territory, ...
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