Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note

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  • Like a cutesy, innocent Detective Conan
    If you want to watch a mystery show with people that are squeamish about death, or who are too young for violent shows, try this as an alternative to Kindaichi Files or Detective Conan.

    Super cute, and in a way a very innocent reverse-harem show, but with a focus on childhood mystery solving and friendship.
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  • So cute. I wish there was more.
    Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note is a super cute show about a bunch of kids solving mysteries. The main character suffers from middle child syndrome, where she's accustomed to not being noticed by the people around her and this is the lovely story about how she finally makes friends. The episodes are short but to the point, and watching it was an enjoyable experience. Great starter anime for kids, but ...
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    Short and Sweet to a T
    This series was a really sweet anime to watch. With short episodes and basic story line, this show manages to come up with intriguing mysteries to entertain watchers.
    We follow Aya, the female protagonists as she finds herself gaining four new friends and forming a detective team with them, using the variety of skills they have between them to solve cases.
    Characters: 4.5/5 - The characters ...
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