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  • The Unlimited Personal Review
    This Anime plays with your mind constantly and honestly it is a very joyous ride. From Start to finish you grow along with the characters and form a personality with the people you see. Seeing a lot of backstory with the characters you get to see behind how all of it happened and its very intriguing to watch. I would definitely give this a watch and try to keep an open mind about things.
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  • The Unlimited is entertaining
    Recommended if you like series with physic abilities, action and more complex characters.

    I have not watched Zettai Karen Children (Psychic Squad) and I don't feel It is necessary to get into this spin-off. They explain things from the original series when it is needed, but the Unlimited feels very much like it's own series with its own story line.

    Animes with any kind of magic, ...
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    Another title in the Winter Line up that will blow your mind psychically
    Very rare do i see more than one or two anime in a line up other than maybe summer that completely blow me away, The Unlimited has proven to me that Winter Line ups can be just as awesome, the first episode of this i think was beautifully drawn, use of vibrant color's and a story that jump straight into a battle of overpowered psychic abilities? sent shivers down my spine, i have definitely high ...
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