Time of Eve

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  • Something quite lovely towards the end
    I stumbled on to this by accident. I just thought I'd just stick on the first episode and go from there, and wha'dya know? I had finished it. It's shame it's only 6 episodes as does bring up some interesting points and topics of conversation and it's not like they couldn't have continued the story and gone somewhere with what they had. There's no real ending, but there's no real story it.

    But ...
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  • Something Refreshing
    A great social commentary with a great story line built around it. characters may seem cliche at times, but it is necessary to exaggerate character interactions and for great purpose.
    Felt it showed a good variance of situations in the short time the anime had, very well written. Also loved the Issac Asimov rules being used.

    Loved this series.
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  • Because sci-fi can happen at your nearest cafe shop.
    I've discovered it by accident and such a wonderful anime. Clever, beautiful, thoughtful... One of those surprises one loves to stumble upon.

    What I've liked the most is the fact that a good plot, and this one it is, demonstrates that without the use of cliches a masterpiece in a certain genre can be achieved.
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    time of eve review plation
    this anime is about people and anidroads raciuo is the main character this is not like code geass ok its not action packed but it has a great story this seris is impossible to talk about without spoilers so read this if you have seen it or aint bothered about spoilers raciuo is an anidroid holic which means hes get an addiction to robots which is kind of bad in his school like being an anime fan ...
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