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  • It's a gourmet anime about bread that goes strange places
    Yakitate!! is a fun gourmet anime that doesn't take itself seriously. Azuma is a great main character and star for the show, being both a genius baker and uneducated enough that his co-stars watch him with as much fascination as the audience. Throw in some gags and bread puns and you've pretty much got it. It's fluffy and fun, simply a great way to get kids and young adults into the art of ...
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  • The best cooking anime out there
    I am so glad to see this appear on Crunchyroll. If you are looking for bread-based hallucinations, solar arm baking powerups, and a horse with a good sense of taste, Yakitate is the show for you. Next to Iron Wok Jan, this is my favorite cooking-based series in the world.
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    Promising, but needs to be fixed
    But too bad I can't watch it. None of the episodes are showing and on my phone I can't even find this series... Chrunchyroll please fix this and make me able to rate this fair. I found this through your Facebook page, but I can't for some reason watch it. This is low for you Chrunchyroll. Just saying.
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