Young Black Jack

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    My review after 2 episodes in (used to watch the old series :) )
    Only 2 episodes into it and although it's not quite what I expected, I'm glad to see the classic series back. After a long time there is no doubt its going to be different considering the time gap. The animation is kinda strange to me and a big change from the old series, it's neither good nor bad. The detail is great but jacks face looks a bit "pretty boy" to me from what it used to be, but you ...
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  • One of the better animes this season.
    This was a delight to watch from start to finish, i have never heard of blackjack before this and this is supposed to be a prequel series. Well i got to say it was brilliant, well animated and a great story and fantastic characters. I give this a solid 9/10, perhaps its because i haven't seen the series where hes older but to me it felt unfinished with lots of loose ends in this series.
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