SHENMUE follows Ryo Hazuki on a quest to avenge his father’s death, but he soon discovers that larger mystical forces are involved. A Crunchyroll & Adult Swim Original, based on the SEGA games.


Twelve 23-year-old psychics, living in the rubble of London, must check their wild impulses and discover their better angels to rebuild society after civilization comes to a sudden and crashing end.

Los Angeles 2032. A young woman wakes up with no memories, and possessing deadly skills. The only clues to her mystery are a locked data device and a tattoo of a black lotus. Putting together the pieces, she must hunt down the people responsible for her brutal and bloody past to find the truth of her lost identity.

On the run from pirates and the English Navy, Fena Houtman must rely on a crew of Japanese samurai to unlock her family secrets...and an unimaginable treasure!

When Nasa Yuzaki falls for Tsukasa, she gives him her conditions: in order to date her, Nasa must marry her first!

Supernatural romance mixes with an enthralling, fantastical, mystery, as a duo sets out to solve a series of dark incidents plaguing their world.

Four fierce girls train to become great heroes at High Guardian Academy, where they form allegiances, uncover betrayals, and discover their true identities while preparing to protect the world from an ominous unknown threat.

Survival of the fittest is the name of the game for our high-school-aged heroine—reincarnated as an adorable spider in a lethal dungeon!

An Aztec boy is saved from death by the gods and forced to act as "humanity’s champion" and prove humanity’s potential.

A powerful being is thrown into modern civilization after 820 years of slumber. A Crunchyroll and WEBTOON Production, based on the comic by Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee.

A high schooler and his friends will compete in an epic tournament borrowing power directly from the gods and uncovering a mysterious organization along the way. A Crunchyroll and WEBTOON production, based on the comic by Yongje Park.

A young man will battle his way through a mysterious tower as he strives to find the only friend he's ever known. A Crunchyroll and WEBTOON production, based on the comic created by SIU.

When modern medicine is stumped, it’s time to visit Dr. Ramune! Part doctor, part psychologist, part supernatural healer, this brash, unorthodox doc has the remedy—even if the cure is just as bizarre as the disease.

Humans are mysteriously becoming monsters. Danger chases their every move as a samurai and a ninja arrive from the Edo period and team up with a doctor searching for a cure.

On the edge of death, an officer & his android partner are forced to activate a top-secret weapon...The EX-ARM No.00!

A former samurai, a yakuza bodyguard, a devious spy, and a geisha assassin try to find their place in the rapidly evolving Meiji-era while escaping the sins of their pasts.