FEATURE: Colorful "Vividred Operation" Exhibitions at Animate/Gamers Akihabara Stores

Posters, anime panels, character goods, school uniforms, and more!

Animate and Gamers are the two largest retail chains of anime, games, and manga-related goods in Japan. Their huge multi-level stores in Akihabara are the must-go places for the otaku people. Both stores are now holding a special exhibition named "First Operation Museum" featuring one of the most popular Winter 2013 TV anime series Vividred Operation simultaneously in their event sections from March 22nd to April 7th. The contents of both exhibitions are basically same, which includes posters, anime scene panels, magazine cover illustrations, and various character goods.  


 *all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the stores' permission

Animate Akihabara store

Animate's event poster

One of the elevator in Animate is decorated with the Vividred illustration


So the one in Gamers is


Animate's exhibition section


Gamers' exhibition section


Episode descriptions


Anime scene panels


Autographs by the anime voice actresses


Newspaper advertisements



Character references


School uniforms worn by the anime voice actresses in the events


After-recording scripts


Illustrations for the anime magazines


Character goods

Pillow case & straps


Clear files & plastic sheets








Anime magazines and comics



© vividred project・MBS

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