QUIZ: What Anime Food Dish Are You?

Have you ever wondered what anime food best reflects who you are? Then look no further, this quiz is for you!

Food Wars

There's something about anime food that never fails to make my stomach growl. Most shows I can think of usually feature a scene — somewhere in the series, even if it's brief — where a character eats something I might find totally boring in real life, but that inexplicably looks like the tastiest thing ever in an animated context. Why is this? Do I just weirdly find food more appealing in a non-realistic context? Maybe I'm just hooked on the twinkling sparkles and visual emphasis shows like Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma use to highlight delicious desserts, bowls of ramen, and mouth-watering dinners.

Who knows. All I know is, if you ever wanted to figure out what anime food dish YOU are, here's your chance. And I mean that literally. Like, you as actual anime food. An anthropomorphic you that exists within the tasty realm of the fictitiously delectable. With a batch of possible results from Studio Ghibli films, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Toriko, and much more — be sure to take the quiz below and find out where you fit within the flavorful world of anime cuisine.


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