NIS Concerned About "Cave Story 3D" Sales on 3DS

Publisher cites retailers' lack of desire for non-AAA titles

Nintendo's portable systems have historically been full of quirky, smaller titles that stray from the AAA fare Nintendo publishes themselves. That trend continues with NIS America's impending release of Cave Story 3D, but the publisher recognizes they have an uphill battle ahead. 


NIS President Haru Akenaga is especially concerned. "I'm really worried about sales for Cave Story," he said, adding, "It's not the quality of the game, it's the market. Actually, we could have released the title in the summer of this year, but the market was not great then."


If you recall, Cave Story 3D was pushed back to November back in June, and this certainly sheds some more light on that decision. Akenaga continues:


"Almost all of the retailers did not want to carry 3DS titles that were not AAA titles. That's why we postponed the release of Cave Story until the market conditions improved. Now there are many big titles coming and that should be better for 3DS. I hope Cave Story will have reorders and always have a spot on store shelves."


It's indicative of one of the realities of the gaming market. Some titles really do simply get overlooked, due to a variety of factors. Will you be grabbing Cave Story 3D when it finally comes out in November?


Via Destructoid

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